Where to eat at Lombok Island

For people who prefer dining options and a fantastic variety of selection on the menu, even in most cases Where to eat at Lombok Island resorts provide the safest bet with regards to getting an excellent meal. Aside from the resorts there are restaurants peppered around the island where you are able to savor traditional […]

Travel Stories of Amazing Mount Bromo

In the end of March this year, my buddies and I went to Bromo in East Java. We went from Jakarta to Yogyakarta for one day before heading to Mt. Bromo. We chose to take pictures of everything there with all our analog cameras. Mt. Bromo is among the most beautiful hills in Indonesia that […]

The Best Selfie Photo Location In Bandung

Bandung has never run out of attractions for tourist to visit. This natural development owned by the Flower City is indeed constantly magnificent, particularly in the era of rich social network today, people like to race to show off images at the best spot to make friendlist on Facebook, Path, and Instagram to drool. I’m […]